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24/7 Mobile Locksmith, Cleveland, OH is a fast and reliable locksmith service, providing services in the entire Cleveland, OH metro area.

We are here for you around the clock, day & night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing you with the most efficient and professional lock key & safe service at the most competitive prices.

Your satisfaction is our mission!

Here at 24/7 Mobile Locksmith Cleveland, OH we know that our greatest asset is our satisfied customers. Over the years we have learned that a happy customer is a customer that comes back. Therefore, our dedicated general contractors will ensure that you get an honest and professional service, in order to satisfy you - our customer.

Home, commercial, auto or emergency service - our professionals have years of field experience and will assist you with all your lock key & safe necessities.

24/7 Mobile Locksmith Cleveland, OH is the address for all your locksmith requirements.

Partial List of Services by your Locksmith in Cleveland, OH

Automotive Locksmith in Cleveland, OH

Locksmith in Cleveland, OH - automotive locksmith, lost car keys, car key replacement, lost ignition keys and more
  • Car lockout - Locked keys in the car, trunk etc.
  • Lost car keys - Car key replacement for most makes and models made in minutes.
  • Lost car keys with a chip - Transponder and VATS keys programmed and duplicate on site.
  • Car locks and cylinder repair, replace, install, rekey.
  • more...

Residential Locksmith in Cleveland, OH

Locksmith in Cleveland, OH - residential locksmith, home emergency lockouts, locks install, locks re-key, lock repair, locks replaced, high security locks
  • House lockout - Fast response for all emergencies.
  • Residential locks - Rekey, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks, intercom systems, CCTV , keypad locks, biometric locks.
  • High security locks - key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
  • Safes - commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof and gun safes.
  • more...

Commercial Locksmith in Cleveland, OH

Locksmith in Cleveland, OH - commercial locksmith, business and office lockouts, master re-keying, high security locks
  • Business lockout - Fast response for all emergencies.
  • Commercial locks - Rekey, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks, intercom systems, CCTV , keypad locks, biometric locks, mortise cylinders, rim cylinders, door closers, panic bars, push bars, rolling gates locks, fire exit devices.
  • Master key system - Up to 30 levels of master rekey systems for a complete control of employees access.
  • High security locks - key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
  • Safes - commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof safe.
  • more...

Emergency Locksmith in Cleveland, OH

Locksmith in Cleveland, OH - emergency locksmith, 24Hr Residential & Commercial Locksmith Services
  • 24/7 fast response Auto services.
  • 24/7 fast response Residential lockout services.
  • 24/7 fast response Commercial lockout services.
  • more...
  1. Whenever you step out of the house, leaving it empty, even if it’s for a quick rush to the Open Pantry or the Speedway down the block.
  2. To give ample protection to your car and your home, make sure you have a lock fastened to your garage door.
  3. To make sure that your car is treated properly, that it starts without issue, and that the ignition and all the locking mechanisms of your vehicle have a long, effective life, get your vehicle keys replaced frequently.
  4. Don’t allow your office windows to be left untended.
  5. Be cautious during periods after firing an employee: this time frame is often one that poses a higher than average risk to one’s business.



Residential Crime in Cleveland, OH

All the following data is derived from statistics compiled in the FBI Report of Offenses Known to Law Enforcement. Exceptions to the rule are indicated.

Residents of Cleveland, Ohio should take care to protect their property as best they can, as the rates for local property crime have shown to be significantly higher national average. Looking exclusively at the year 2010, this city’s crime rate was 87% higher than the national average. A lot of that is most likely due to the extraordinarily high instances of burglary and larceny, with the former being reported 9,854 times and the latter reported 10,079 times. For many, these numbers can be quite worrisome; but with the professional help of Cleveland Locksmiths, no one has to worry about his or her home being targeted by criminals.

Our highly qualified experts can secure a home in Cleveland to the most efficient degree. The skilled specialists at Cleveland Locksmiths know just what to do to make sure a residence won’t be attacked by thieves; the experts in our business will make certain that any customer who approaches them will live in home that meets the highest standards of security. With these protections, those high crime rates in Cleveland never need apply to the houses that our professionals secure.

A patron can find just what she or he is looking for in the services that our professionals provide. If someone wants to make absolutely sure that her or his home is not included in one of the thousands of Cleveland homes that are burgled, our locksmith contractors know just how to make that happen. With solutions like home rekeys—to make sure no one can use any old keys that might have fallen into the wrong hands—and patio door locks, our experts help defend the homes in ways they’re most vulnerable. And whatever a homeowner wants updated or improved, Cleveland Locksmiths can fulfill that need as well: we’ll gladly deliver a lock repair or replacement service.

No one in Cleveland should have to suffer from the innumerable burglaries that take place with such unfortunate regularity. When a client asks for any one of the solutions we offer—like deadbolt installations, cabinet locks, windows locks, and so much more—that client’s home will be given the best protection from the most common threats in this city. It can all be granted with a single call to Cleveland Locksmiths; once we get alerted our experts will take care of the rest, so the customer can quickly put her or his worries to rest.

Crime rates

All the following data is derived from statistics compiled in the FBI Report of Offenses Known to Law Enforcement. Exceptions to the rule are indicated as such.

Car owners, homeowners, and business owners should be made fully aware of the appalling property crime rates in the city of Cleveland. They should know that this city saw much more than twice as much property crime, in the year 2010, compared to that of the statewide average (the rate was 70% higher). And the statewide rate is even worse: when compared to the nation, Cleveland had an 87% higher rate for the same year. The reason for this is due to 23,436 cases of property crime recorded for the year 2010, with larceny taking occurring almost a third of the time—for a total of 10,079 cases. Burglary for that year wasn’t much better; 9,854 cases of such a crime took place in our city. And thefts of automotives was as practically commonplace, happening about 3,503 times in that one year alone.

While this should give people pause and frustration, there’s an easy answer that, when people take action together, can drastically limit and eliminate these numbers. The answer is in the hands of the professionals at Cleveland Locksmiths. Our experts read these numbers all the time; they know why people are not taking the proper precautions to safeguard their homes and business, why cars are left unprotected. And they have all that’s needed to make sure no such crimes happen to the customers who refuse to be victims.

For instance, preventing those vehicle thefts from taking place can be done via a quick and safe ignition rekey, or else transponder reprogramming, steering wheel lock repairs, and so many more automotive lock solutions that our contractors make available.

No one should worry about the security of her or his business, or the safety of the files and valuables inside. With the specialties of Cleveland Locksmiths, a commercial office can be kept totally secure: our professionals can work on file cabinet lock services, installing master locks, affixing heavy duty office locks to the doors, providing office safe solutions, and so much more.

Even in homes, those break-ins that are far too common in our city can be prevented with window lock treatments, bedroom door lock installs, garage door lock solutions, and keyless entryway lock repairs.

Our professionals know the reasons why so many people are made easy targets for criminals. And they have all remedies available to make sure no one in Cleveland remains an easy target; with our contractors, people will get all the safety services they need to secure their homes, cars, and commercial settings. With a quick call to Cleveland Locksmiths, those crime rates can be slashed once and for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you know which keyless home lock I should install in my Slavic Village house?

Our highly skilled locksmith professionals will know precisely which keyless entry system is most suited to your home in the neighborhood of Slavic Village. You can trust the knowledge and expertise that our locksmiths possess when it comes to not only helping you select the appropriate lock for your residence—the one that will be easiest for you to use while also providing you with impeccable protection—but also with installations and any further service you might need for it. With the keyless lock solutions that are available from our specialists at Cleveland Locksmiths, you won’t ever have to worry about misplaced keys or home lockouts: we’ll help you enter your home with convenience and safety.

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Can you come to Tower City Center and install peepholes for some offices?

Generally, this type of service that our professionals provide is most often associated with household security. However, that doesn’t prevent us from providing a customer with the kind of commercial security he or she finds best for her or his offices. Our Cleveland Locksmiths experts will come over to your offices within Tower City Center and help install whichever doors you point out to us with peepholes.

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What’s a mesh change, apart from something I heard on the radio when driving on Euclid Ave.?

This is a term that our professionals use when describing a particular combination lock wheel, one that can be hand changed. A mesh change is made up of two wheels—one inner and the other outer—that join up with teeth that intermesh—hence its unique name. If you’d like to know anything more about this device, or encounter it in some other way aside from the radio, Cleveland Locksmiths will be glad to provide more answers, as our specialists are very familiar with this mechanism and the services associated with it.

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If I lost my laser cut key at a Giant Eagle is that something you can replace?

Replacing laser cut keys is no trouble for our locksmith professionals. At Cleveland Locksmiths, we own all the up-to-date technology that’s needed in this profession; this of course includes the machines that are needed to fashion new, working laser cut keys for the patrons who request such keys. You just need to give our experts a call and they’ll be on their way to your Giant Eagle; they’ll have all the equipment with them and you’ll soon have your brand new laser cut key.

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Will you help my employees at a local Heinen’s with our office lockout?

No one at your Heinen’s will ever have to worry long about those frustrating and potentially dangerous office lockouts. With the number to Cleveland Locksmiths handy, that commercial lockout will soon be over. You can bet that our trained specialists will be able to open up the doors to your offices in no time at all. Just give them a ring and they’ll be over and completing the locksmith service without wasting a second.

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Can you replace a VATs key for the one I lost at Legacy Village shopping center?

You’ll be getting a fully functioning VATs key moments after your call up our trusty locksmith professionals. Since we’re located within central Cleveland, it’ll be a cinch to drive over to Legacy Village and help you out with a simple key solution. And there’s no need to worry about the complexity involved with VATs keys: or professionals have an expansive knowledge of the subject; our experts have worked with these types of keys and have all the necessary tools for delivering a quick, reliable VATs key to any patron who desires one. Forget the old, lost VATs key: let Cleveland Locksmiths give you a brand new, perfectly working key replacement.

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What are the best cabinet locks for my Glenville home?

To be honest, the best way for us to answer you is to give a personal appraisal of the security in your Glenville home. In order for our locksmith contractors to perform their duty in the best way possible, they’ll have to visit your kitchen or wherever you have those cabinets that require extra safety measures. From there, our specialists can not only give you all the recommendations you want—regarding lasting security, ease of use, aesthetic components that will best match your interiors, and a hundred other details to cover—but our experts will also work the installation for you. You can keep your residence as safe as it should be with the household locksmith solutions available at Cleveland Locksmiths.

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Why did someone remark that a lock at my Carnegie Ave. office needs the shear line repaired?

That person probably noticed that the cylinder of your lock, where the shear lie is located, has misaligned tumblers surfaces. Either the plug cannot move because of obstructions or maybe it is getting old or because of any number of reasons. Regardless, Cleveland Locksmtihs is here to help you and your Carnegie Ave. offices if you need help with your shear line.

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Could cabinet locks, similar to the ones I saw at the Museum of Art, be installed in my home?

Whether you’re searching for function of for aesthetics, the professionals at Cleveland Locksmiths will get you just what you need. If you were admiring cabinet locks in the art museum because of their superior safety features—ones that keep the works of art especially safe from thieves—then our experts can help fit your home with the same fine solutions for residential security. You can achieve levels of security in your home that are comparable to those of the Museum of Art. But if you’re interested solely in the look of the lock and how it fits in with the overall look of your home, our specialists can help you get just the right fit. Of course, if you want both security and appearance, we can help satisfy those requirements as well.

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Is there anything you can do about a lost chip to my VATs key? I think it fell out at the Cleveland Orchestra.

A couple of suggestions that we would immediately offer for a VATs key scenario like yours involves a repair or a replacement. For repairs, we can find the right chip for your key; you won’t have to go looking for that lost chip on the floors of Cleveland Orchestra. The contractors at Cleveland Locksmiths can determine the precise chip for your car and simply be inserted into the existing handle of the car key. That way, you can keep the car key you have and work just with a new chip—one that will function the same as the previous chip. Otherwise, our specialists can easily just supply you with an entire VATs key replacement: with this option, our locksmiths can quickly cut you a key that will match your car—a new key and a new chip.

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Do I want a burglary safe or a fire safe for my offices in the Key Tower?

Depending on the needs of your office, you can choose either a fire safe or an office safe. In point of fact, there are combination safes—fire burglary safes. If you’d like Cleveland Locksmiths to help you make a proper decision, we can send over specialists to your Key Tower offices to determine what are your needs and how they can be best met by just the right commercial safe.

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Will you open my trunk? I put too much in my trunk after my visit to Little Italy and now it won’t open.

We can definitely work on your trunk lock and get it open again. If there’s a problem with your trunk lock that goes beyond an overstuffed trunk, we’ll be able to help you out with it. Our professionals know how delicate these locks can be, and how temperamental. When you want a quick, reliable car lock solution that won’t do any damage to your trunk lock, call up Cleveland Locksmiths. You can enjoy all the materials you bought from Little Italy and won’t have to worry about them being locked in your car trunk forever.

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Will you open my trunk? I put too much in my trunk after my visit to Little Italy and now it won’t open.

We can definitely work on your trunk lock and get it open again. If there’s a problem with your trunk lock that goes beyond an overstuffed trunk, we’ll be able to help you out with it. Our professionals know how delicate these locks can be, and how temperamental. When you want a quick, reliable car lock solution that won’t do any damage to your trunk lock, call up Cleveland Locksmiths. You can enjoy all the materials you bought from Little Italy and won’t have to worry about them being locked in your car trunk forever.

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Which panic bar brands would you recommend for my offices in the McDonald Investment Center?

There are a good many brands that our locksmiths would recommend to the businesses that come to us, searching for exceptional office security solutions. Many of our customers have found equal satisfaction and safety with brands as diverse as Arrone, Axim, Exidor, and Briton—as well as many more. Each of course has its own advantages. However, in order to find which brand and model particularly suits your business needs, which panic bar will help you and your employees make the safest, quickest exits, you’ll have to invite over Cleveland Locksmiths to your offices. When we take a look at the architecture and the traffic of your business—as well as other particulars—we’ll get a better sense of what equipment would fit your business best.

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How well can you repair garage locks? My husband came home from the Great Lakes Brewing company and you can guess the rest.

While our experts can certainly provide repair work on lightly to moderately damaged garage locks, the difficulty tends to arise when the locks are highly damaged. We have the ability to salvage some of the most beaten locks, however there is a point where even our skilled contractors cannot go any further. Allow us to take a look at the extent of damage: if there truly is a chance for repair, we’ll let you know and proceed on with the repair solution. However, if the garage lock is too mangled the only option we’ll be able to offer is a total lock replacement, with just as much reliability—if not more.

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Will your locksmiths provide an office security appraisal for my Terminal Tower offices?

You’ve asked just the right experts for a definitive office security appraisal. Our talented locksmiths will give a top to bottom investigation of every possible strength and weakness that could possibly be found in your commercial operation. We’ll make sure to inform you of any vulnerable areas that might need improvement. And Cleveland Locksmiths will also recommend to you the particular remedies for any issues we discover. You’ll be working out of one of the most secure offices in the Terminal Tower when our professionals are done with their job; you won’t have to every worry about break-ins or any safety threats to the security of your business. Let our locksmiths take care of you and your offices. We’ll be sure to give a comprehensive security evaluation that will meet all your standards of approval

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I was wondering if you could maintain the antique locks I own—to meet the enviable quality I found when visiting the William G. Mather steamship.

Our skilled locksmiths will use all their expertise to give your antique locks the expert attention and care they deserve. You’ll see that Cleveland Locksmiths will treat your treasured locks as if they were of museum quality, just like those connected to the William G. Mather. While there’s no way to have those locks working as if they were actually new, our contractors will use all their efforts in order to have those locks and key operating as best as they possibly can. We’ll show you just how pleasing our antique locks solutions can be; allow us the pleasure of attending to the upkeep of those precious locks.

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Can you repair trunk locks? I over packed my trunk on a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Give over all your trunk troubles to our well-equipped and knowledgeable locksmiths. We’ll have that pesky lock popped open in no time: and you won’t have any damage done to the materials inside, nor to the lock of your trunk. You can trust on the experts at Cleveland Locksmiths to take good care of your automotive. We want you vehicular security to be in the best working order, so in no time at all we’ll have your trunk operating the way it should.

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How do I choose the right safe for my offices at 200 Public Square?

There are a great number of considerations of which you will have to be aware before getting just any safe for your offices. You need to take into account what exactly you are trying to protect—this will determine whether you need a fire safe or a burglary safe. Then, you need to decide how much space you need, how much you’re trying to protect. And this is only the beginning. Contact our locksmiths at Cleveland Locksmiths and they’ll help you with all the fine decisions that need to be made. With their experience of repairing and installing commercial safes, they’ll help your 200 Public Square offices get all the security it could want.

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Do you provide chip key replacements? I think I lost mine somewhere amongst the foliage of the Rockefeller Greenhouse.

Don’t stress out about lost chip keys. At Cleveland Locksmiths, the locksmiths you call up to aid you will have all the knowledge and technical capabilities necessary for providing a quality chip car key replacement. This sort of automotive solution is quite simple for our experts; no matter what kind of car that transmission key opens, whether foreign or domestic, we’ll get you an operating replacement in no time at all. Let that old key rest amongst the flower of the Rockefeller Greenhouse. Cleveland Locksmiths will assure you of an affordable chip key replacement.

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Can you help my son get into my house? He said he lost his key at the Cleveland Public Library.

We can definitely help any member of your family with any residential lockout issues. Trust the locksmiths at Cleveland Locksmiths to arrive at your home, in any neighborhood in Cleveland. Because of our location within the Cleveland metro area, it’s easy for us to arrive pretty much anywhere in the city—to get there and get there fast. You won’t have to worry about your son waiting in front of the door for much longer. In addition, we would recommend that you have a duplicate key made that you can hand to a neighbor, in case anyone else in your family experiences this same emergency. Inform our contractors if you don’t want to search all the floors, shelves, and books in the Cleveland Public Library for the misplaced key. We’ll be glad to provide a key replacement solution as soon as you express your interest.

Jobs available for experienced locksmith technicians. Contact us at jobs@remove-this.24-7mobile-locksmith.com

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44223 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
44224 - Stow, OH
44232 - Green, OH
44236 - Hudson, OH
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44250 - Lakemore, OH
44262 - Munroe Falls, OH
44264 - Peninsula, OH
44278 - Tallmadge, OH
44286 - Richfield, OH

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44201 - Atwater, OH
44202 - Aurora, OH
44211 - Brady Lake, OH
44231 - Garrettsville, OH
44234 - Hiram, OH

44240 - Kent, OH
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44255 - Mantua

44260 - Mogadore, OH
44265 - Randolph, OH
44266 - Ravenna, OH
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44285 - Wayland, OH
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44411 - Deerfield, OH
44412 - Diamond

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44212 - Brunswick, OH
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44251 - Westfield Center, OH
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44254 - Lodi, OH
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